Sonic Wire Sculptor

Work in progress. Check the current working version here: link

A feeling of unpaid dues usually hangs over me, bearing down with the weight of the entirety of unfinished work I left behind. One project that’s part of this cloud of the overdue is a musical instrument. I enjoyed working on it and learned a lot during the process but always felt like what I’ve made is not worthy of sharing, even after revisiting it here and there. Nevertheless, I’ve done some more work the past couple of days and I feel it’s finally getting somewhere. Though this is nowhere near finished, at this moment I need to tie a knot so that I can visit it again later; fittingly, implementing the save/load feature somewhat gave me the feeling I am able to do that. Hence this post.

In Spring 2015 I participated in the School for Poetic Computation. My logs of those times are here. For my final project at sfpc I made an openFrameworks port of Sonic Wire Sculptor by Amit Pitaru, which is in my Github repo. The link above is another port to p5.js, using tone.js for audio synthesis.