I work in English, French, and Korean for publications, art exhibitions, and technical projects, and more. I especially enjoy working with texts that involve knowledge of art and critical theory, digital technology, and music.

Selected works:

Translations 번역 작업

Beck, Jeesook. “Caressing The Skin of History.” Korea Artist Prize 2017. Seoul: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2017.

Curator’s statement and artwork description for The Other Face of the Moon at Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2017.

Kim, Hyunjin. Sasanggye-related research text for Parapolitics: Cultural Freedom and the Cold War at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2017.

강이룬, 소원영 (큐레이션). (2016). 서울자유지도. link
Curated by Kang, E Roon & So, Wonyoung. Seoul Libre Maps.

Ham, Yang Ah. The Village. Forthcoming. (co-translation)

Kim, Lynn et al. Touch Type: Research on Body and Typography. Seoul: Korea Craft & Design Foundation, 2016.
김린 등. (2016). 터치 타입: 몸과 타이포그래피에 관한 리서치. 서울: 한국공예・디자인문화진흥원. link

Seoul Museum of Art. SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016: NERIRI KIRURU HARARA. Seoul: Seoul Museum of Art, 2016. (co-translation)
서울시립미술관. (2016). SeMA 비엔날레 미디어시티서울 2016: 네리리 키르르 하라라. 서울: 서울시립미술관. (공동번역) link

Kang, E Roon, Koh, Achim and So, Wonyoung. Korean Internet Tour Guide. http://k-www.kr/en. 2016.

최태윤 외 워크숍 참가자들. (2016). 우리가 세운 벽을 탈(脫)학습하기. 서울. (공동번역)

Ji-Hyun Park, Park Hyun-jung, Woo Ahreum. “Correspondence.” COULD BE NO.1: Trios of Guides. Seoul: Seoul Museum of Art, 2016. link

Choi, Taeyoon & Kang, E Roon. (2015) In Search of Personalized Time. Website and video documentation. http://i-s-o-p-t.com/.

Editing 편집, 감수 등

강이룬, 소원영 (큐레이션). (2016). 서울자유지도. link
Curated by Kang, E Roon & So, Wonyoung. Seoul Libre Maps.

강이룬, 소원영. (2016). “multilingual.js: 다국어 웹 타이포그래피를 위한 섞어쓰기 라이브러리”. 글짜씨, 8(1), pp. 8-33.

Morton, Timothy. “Spooky Passion at a Distance.” In Olafur Eliasson: The parliament of possibilities, edited by Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. Seoul: Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, 2016.

최태윤, “토머스 트웨이츠와 최태윤의 대화”. (2015). 사물학 II : 제작자들의 도시. 과천: 국립현대미술관. pp. 33-38.