image is a South Korean video podcast produced from 2009 to 2012 featuring musicians performing live in the urban space of Seoul. I was inspired by my passion towards Seoul’s local music scene and frustration by the lack for quality resources for indie music online. The project was an attempt to create a series of temporary interventions in selected places of the quickly gentrifying city. It aimed at acting both as an archive and an alternative channel for contemporary music acts, using the possibilities offered by new technologies such as high quality video streaming services and more portable recording devices.

With 50+ videos released under a Creative Commons License scoring more than 5 million aggregated views, the project was well received among the press and music scene alike and went on to receive broadcast and publication offers along with invitations for talks and courses. Apart from a hands-on experience of managing the production of a long-term project among diverse levels of collaboration, one valuable lesson I learned during this period was the importance of curatorial approach in a digital culture project.


  • “렉앤플레이와 함께하는 뮤직,비디오,블로그”. 강연. 미디액트, 서울. 2011년 7월 26일 ~ 8월 12일. 관련연재