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His recent master’s thesis at the Graduate Center, CUNY is a case study of Google Magenta that attempts to contextualize recent industrial interests in musical applications of AI with regards to music technology and capitalism.

In the recent past he has compiled an online machine learning resource for a critical and balanced understanding and usage, and worked on a series of projects that engage with the history and idiosyncracy of the South Korean web. Before that, he worked as researcher-coordinator in a makerspace within the 4th Anyang Public Art Project; and made a video series of live music performances in urban settings.

His work has been exhibited at Seoul Museum of Art; he presented at the Theorizing the Web conference.

He studied at the School for Poetic Computation and Yonsei University.

He works in English, French, Korean, JavaScript, Python, and R.

Achim is pronounced “ah-cheem”.

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